We all know that buyer demand has changed slightly in recent times. The impact of the pandemic, and the lockdown periods, impacted people in many ways. We spent a lot more time at home, and in turn, this changed the way people thought about their house, and their local surroundings.

It is easy to see why many people started yearning for more space. Knowing that you had more room to manoeuvre or that you could venture outside and go for a walk in a nice area was comforting if you had this space, and became a huge attraction if you didn’t.

As we move forward, with remote working remaining in place, it is easy to see why many people place space, both inside and outside of the home, as crucial factors. There are plenty of spacious homes in and around Enfield, but something the area has in its favour is an abundance of outdoor space.

A lot has been written about people leaving central London to live in quieter and more spacious surroundings. If you are no longer tied to being in the office five days a week, it is natural people are looking for more space.

Enfield has a lot of greenery

This is why an area like Enfield appeals to so many prospective buyers. In the grand scheme of things, buyers get greater value for money when buying a home here than they do in most of Inner London, but it is the great outdoor space in the local area that makes a massive difference.

You have Enfield Town Park, which is ideal for those who want to spend time by moving water, with the beautiful New River located here. You have Bush Hill Park, Chase Green Gardens and you also have the Enfield Playing Fields.

Whether your focus is on exercise, socialising with friends or getting away from it all and spending quality solo time, the lush surroundings of Enfield ensure you have a place to escape to without travelling too far.

Get lost in Enfield

Anyone looking for a fantastic looking country park will adore Trent Park, and when you consider that the Jacobean Forty Hall Estate has over 270 acres of parkland on offer, you can while away many weekends here. There is a fishing lake, there is an organic farm, and if you are keen to stop for a while and enjoy some fresh food, you will appreciate the café.

Other local destinations that appeal to those who adore nature include Capel Manor House and Gardens and Myddelton House. It doesn’t matter if you focus on the sense of history or the beautiful surroundings, Enfield is a place that allows you to escape without going anywhere.

Also, if anyone really wants to lose themselves in nature, you are less than half an hour from Epping Forest. That covers 6,000 acres, so you will have plenty of options to explore there.

If 2022 is the year you do things differently and incorporate more time outdoors into your lifestyle, Enfield is the ideal setting.

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