In many aspects of life, you don’t want to appeal to everyone. While some things have mass appeal and do very well for themselves, a lot of other things tend to fall through the cracks.

This is sometimes the case in the property market, and you’ll see many locations marketed as being ideal for certain types of people and demographics.

This isn’t quite the case with Enfield.

The convenience of transport between Enfield and London makes it a fantastic place for commuters to live. You can be in many parts of London in less than an hour’s travelling time from your Enfield home.

Even in the current climate with remote working in fashion, and many people feeling uncertain as to where they will work on a more permanent basis, there is a lot to be said for knowing you can be in the heart of London in not much time.

Enfield has a great deal to offer

However, it is also fair to say that Enfield is the ideal setting for families. Okay, if there are adults who need to commute, Enfield is clearly an appealing option, but it is the local facilities and surroundings that make Enfield a great choice.

There is a lot of green space in Enfield, one of the key components cited by property buyers in recent times. Space is always important, but the impact of the pandemic has led many people to revaluate what is important to them in and around their home.

A lot of people are looking for outdoor space to exercise, socialise, relax and just spend quality time outside of the house. In this regard, you will not be let down by what Enfield offers.

Enfield is also ideal when it comes to local schools

Of course, if you are a family looking for the ideal setting for you and your loved ones, being located to a good school or schools is essential.

You can be happy about Enfield hosting a number of schools which hold an “Outstanding” status from Ofsted, including: Ark John Keats Academy, Enfield County School, West Lea School, and Highlands School. There are also many “Good” schools in the local area.

Your loved ones can stay active in Enfield

Another issue that parents want to see in a local area is sports clubs. Whether this is for themselves, or their children, it is good to know there are local clubs to support, or even train and play with.

While sporting activity is great for exercise and staying fit, there are many life skills to be learned and developed by being part of a team. For this reason alone, a lot of parents will love the abundance of clubs on offer in Enfield, including:

  • Bush Hill Park Tennis Club

  • Enfield Ignatian’s Rugby Football Club

  • Enfield Town football club

  • Enfield & Haringey Athletics Club

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