The standard of local parks makes life better in local communities. This is why we are interested in calls to improve the standard of local parks in and around Enfield.

Some of the best local parks in and around Enfield, include:

  • Broomfield Park
  • Capel Manor and Gardens
  • Crews Hill
  • Edmonton Green Market
  • Ferny Hill Farm
  • Forty Hall Park and Estate
  • Grovelands Park
  • Jubilee Park
  • New River
  • Lee Valley Regional Park
  • Myddelton House and Gardens
  • Oakwood Park
  • Pymmes Park
  • Town Park
  • Trent Country Park

Kristiana Heapy is the chair of Friends of Tottenhall Rec, and she spoke with the Enfield Dispatch about developing a manifesto for the parks of Enfield.

Kristiana said; “One of the things I love most about living in Enfield is its abundance of green space. We have wonderful large heritage parks such as Forty Hall and Trent Park, alongside smaller but equally valuable urban green spaces which provide residents with playgrounds, playing fields and community gardens. Many of Enfield’s parks and green spaces are represented and championed through ‘friends’ groups which are made up of residents who volunteer their time to protect and invest in their local space. But many of these groups are concerned that priority is not being given to investing in the parks that have been havens for tens of thousands of us over the last two difficult years.”

Enfield parks manifesto should create positive changes

Kristiana calls for four simple tasks to be included in the manifesto:

  • Greater accessibility
  • Efficient maintenance and waste management
  • Greater efforts to protect wildlife and native plants
  • Commitment to developing community space

There is no denying local parks are crucial, and a big factor in many tenant’s property search. The impact of the last few years means people want to spend more time outside, and green and open spaces are very welcoming.

Kristiana also said; “We recognise that this may sound hard in the light of funding cuts over the last decade, but this is why we are asking Enfield Council to work with community groups in a strategic way to generate a bigger impact. Encouraging and supporting civic participation in community life should be at the core of the council’s work.”

Kristiana also spoke about the importance of local parks, saying; “Parks can become the hubs needed to create healthy, happy, thriving communities. For example, simply supporting voluntary groups through activities such as tree planting can bring isolated people together, thereby reducing loneliness, which is a big contributor to poor mental health outcomes. We also know that access to nature and green space improves people’s wellbeing, but some of the borough’s parks are inaccessible for people using mobility aids such as wheelchairs.”

Enjoy guided walks in Enfield

If you would like to learn more about the local parks and history of these spaces, you’ll find guided walks in and around Enfield, including:

  • Trent Park
  • Forty Hall and Pymmes Park Circular Walks – there is also an evening bat walk in Forty Hall
  • Grovelands Butterfly walk
  • Albany Park to Trent Park
  • New River Walk

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