At Atkinson Residential, we know there is a need for new homes and property developments in and around Enfield. The demand for property in the local area is such that new homes will play a big role in alleviating some of the pressure in the housing market.

However, this doesn’t mean that every plan should be waved through. It is vital to take each application on its merits, and determine if it will be of benefit to the people of Enfield.

One recently approved scheme is creating debate.

Property plans have been green lit

The plan has been put forward by HJP 11 Developments, and if completed, will bring five and six storey buildings to Church Street. The Enfield Council planning committee has given approval to the scheme, but it is fair to say that not everyone in the local area is in favour of the scheme.

A similar scheme was put forward in October and that was rejected, with councillors citing a lack of affordable homes and the impact of local heritage as justification in blocking the scheme.

The plans are located in the Enfield Town Conservation Area, and there are a number of listed buildings in this area.

However, with the addition of two affordable units, it looks as though the plans which will bring 78 homes to Enfield Town have received the green light.

The number of London Affordable Rent homes has increased from seven to nine. Also, the developers are said to be committed to a “detailed planning condition and Section 106 planning obligation to secure appropriate treatment of the river frontage, in terms of the landscape design, boundary treatment, and long-term maintenance”.

Enfield needs new homes

Council planning officers, during the meeting, stated that the harm which would be done to heritage assets was not sufficient enough to block the approval. It was stated that the scheme “delivers the maximum reasonable amount of affordable housing”.

However, there were still concerns about the plans. Mike Rye, a Conservative said; “no reconsultation on the application before us, which has got two changes offered by the developer”.

Mike Rye also said; “With regard to the ward councillors, they have not been consulted that this has been brought back this evening, and that, I would expect, is a matter of common courtesy”.

Derek Levy of the Community First group, also raised concerns, saying; “What has happened is that the applicant has in fact been given a second or possibly third bite of the cherry, but the local residents have not had an opportunity to comment”.

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